The brightest stars burn quickest lasting only a few billion years,

However, when they are extinguished you’ll find surprisingly few tears.


Their light may have travelled a great distance, and touch many millions of eyes,

Their heat warmed every creature in existence, and yet bravely each one tries,


To keep that luminescence in perspective when feeling ponderous or reflective,

Not to allow any justified sense of injustice to spawn a pointless flood ineffective invective.


Instead just to remember the aspect that made them so attractive,

Is in fact the very reason, for the briefness of their season.


Whilst we’d love them to last longer,

We could not,

And we would not,

Despite what we might want,

Choose to change them.


So, when those whose brilliant combustion turns, as we know it must to dust.

That floating on solar winds ends up as part of the Earth’s worm-eaten crust.


What might they say to those of us who do miss them?  Here’s my suggestion,

At least make sure your life is rich enough to give the little buggers indigestion!


While it will seem it was over too quick and we are sad their life was ended,

Remember the joy of supernova seen and, by a fortunate few, befriended.


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