'My Name is S.T.D.'

By Dexter F

In his own words ... 'The Oddity that is Dexter, I'm an aspiring Actor/Poet who is dedicated to his craft and knows where he's been, so he definitely knows where he's going...'

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My name is S.T.D.


My name is S.T.D.

Now my crimes are the biggest and baddest that you'll ever see,

Because I’ve got my henchmen working overtime and they'll never sleep

And they’re some of the sickest individuals that your ever likely to meet,

Wait... I can see some of them now I’ll introduce and you'll see.


Now first up here stands Chlamydia and women will know she’s the quiet type,

I mean she will sit there and say nothing but when the time is right

She’ll attack your Fallopian tube quicker then torrential rain on a clouded night,

So I guess having kids is out of sight.


And she’s got an older sister called Gonorrhoea,

And she’s been abused like Ike abused Tina,

So because her mental stance is revenge is sweeter,

She’ll infect you urethra,

Make it burn when you pee and make sure you ain’t getting no girl pregnant either.


And fed up and bored here stands Genital Warts,

But he’s never had fame so he never supports,

And the rest of the team are sick of his thoughts,

But syphilis sits him down and talks

Because syphilis is a old type of cat,

You know the type with a long Mac and a top hat,

Too cool for school type chap

I remember this one time back in 72,

When he was surrounded by 28 men that he regrettably knew

And they all had penicillin rifles and they were ready to shoot

But he damn near killed every one of them and he had pictures of proof,

I said “shut up!”

He said “I'm telling the truth.”


So even though all these guys have been raised by me,

These last two they certainly ain’t phased by me,

Yeah you guessed it right its herpes and it’s HIV!

Now these too I don't even talk too,

I let them just walk through

Because both of them are making me fortunes

And celebrities the two of them are

And they've never been scarred

‘Cause there's no cure for them so both of them laugh


So too all of my sisters and brothers while you under the covers

Make sure that you’re packing the rubbers.

DexF Dexter F TV